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The purpose of your home’s sewage system is to transport waste away from your property so that you may flush and forget about it. However, if sewage ends up on your floor, the smell will be impossible to ignore.

Sewage is more than just an unpleasant odor; it also includes toxic substances that can injure people and animals. If there is an issue with your water or sewage lines, you will likely detect it in your home or yard before you even realize there is a problem.

These piping systems are an extensive waterworks network that links your house to the local dump. When this waste superhighway is blocked, backed up, or under too much pressure, pipes can explode without notice, causing a major plumbing emergency.

To prevent sewage from leaking back into your home, our plumbers in the Louisville, KY area are certified to both clean and maintain sewer systems.

What Causes a need for a Sewer Repair

The sewer line is perhaps the most important part of every household. It is also the least maintained. This isn’t because homeowners are lazy, but because maintenance, let alone a sewer line repair, can only be handled by professionals.

Problems often go undiagnosed or completely unnoticed until all of a sudden there is a lake of sewage on the front lawn. There are several causes that call for a sewer line repair including:

  • Shifting Soil– Shifting soil can create a negative slope in the ground. This slope can put undue pressure on pipes and cause them to crack and then burst.
  • Freezing Ground– As the ground freezes, it can put extra pressure on pipes and cause cracks.
  • Waste or Objects– Waste or foreign objects can build up over time and cause pipes to crack, break, or burst.
  • Root Infiltration– As tree roots grow, they can inject themselves into pipe joints. This happens more often with clay pipes because it has weaker connections. Even if the roots grow into the pipes, they continue to grow. Eventually they outgrow the width and strength of the pipe.
  • Time– Over time, pipes become more susceptible to any of these known issues. Time underground leads to corrosion in even the strongest pipes.

Residential yard with standing water in the grassTrust the Sewer Repair Experts

Do it yourself sewer pipe cleaning and sewer line repairs can be dangerous and could even make the problem worse. Here at Tom Sondergeld Plumbing, we have the skilled Louisville plumbers you need to have things up and running again in no time. We’ve earned a stellar reputation for our professionalism and dedication to our clients. When we come to your house, we’ll bring everything we’ll need to finish the job right there. Get the results you need and the quality you expect from TSP with the help of our trained specialists and cutting-edge machinery.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment if you are experiencing an urgent issue, require sewage line repair, or are overdue for your yearly sewer line cleaning. We are committed to maintaining order as the go-to plumbers in the Louisville, Kentucky area.