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Section of circular lid with hard shadows on raised lettering.The sewer lines in your home are designed to carry waste away so you can flush and forget it, but if you end up with sewage on your floor, it quickly becomes unforgettable.

Sewage is more than a smelly mess; it also contains harmful gases that can be dangerous to children and pets. The first signs of a water or sewer line problem are pretty obvious, but chances are the problem began long before you noticed a major problem in your home or front yard.

These pipes are an intricate network of waterworks that connect your home to the waste center in your area. If this waste highway is disrupted, clogged, and pressurized, pipes can burst without warning creating a plumbing nightmare.

To keep lines functioning, as they should, our Louisville, KY area plumbers are trained in both cleaning and maintaining sewer lines and performing a sewer line repair to keep sewage from seeping back into your home.

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Attempting to clean your own sewer pipes or a sewer line repair could lead to a bigger problem than you started with. At Tom Sondergeld Plumbing, we provide experienced and trained Louisville plumbers to get you back on track quickly and easily. We maintain a reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service. When we show up to your home, we come ready with all the materials necessary to complete the job on the spot. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment get the results you need and the quality you expect from TSP.

If you have a current problem, you need a sewer line repair, or your sewer line is due for an annual cleanup, give us a call to set up an appointment. As the premier source for plumbing services in the Louisville, KY area, we are dedicated to keeping things moving smoothly.